"Lilah had a great time at her birthday party and once again was very sad when she had to wash off her "bunny" face and her balloon deflated."       -- Tiffany

"I just wanted to thank you again for coming to our prom. We received a lot of positive comments and I could tell the kids really enjoyed having you there. We look forward to having you back."  -- Bob, Washington Park High School

"Thanks for making our picnic so much fun for our kids!"        -- Abby

"Thank you again again for your interest in the Relay for Life. This is a very important event and we are glad you are a part of it."        -- Kim

"We saw you at Rochester Days and were very impressed by your work."        -- Alicia

"Dear Cuddles and Billy, 

Thanks for making our Monday night so much fun at Georgie Porgie's in Racine. Cuddles painted both my boys into Snowmen and Billy made a car for Jimmy and made (and repaired!) a candy cane for Tommy.

I looked at your website and think what you do is great!"        -- Jim and Maryann

Thank you so much for the fun time you provided at the Foster Parent Appreciation Night in Kenosha.
My kids had a great time! The face painting was fabulous!!! 
We brought home Spiderman and Super Girl, who was later changed to Super Sister!!!

Thank you and God bless you for all your work!!!        -- Robin, foster Parent

Hello Cuddles and Billy Boy,

I wanted to thank you for the GREAT job the two of you did at our last party last year! I would like to set up the date again. Please contact me soon to set the date!

Thanks again, John

"Kim and I would like to start off by thanking you for your continued support of Kenosha's Relay For Life! 

We definitely could not do this without you and want you to know your time and/or donation is very much appreciated. We are already planning for this year's Relay and wanted to let you know the official date so you can mark your calendars!"

Dear Cuddles and Billy Boy,

Thanks so much for the great jobs you did. The kids really loved the face painting and the balloons. They had a great picnic despite the so-so weather.

Thanks again. We had lots of happy faces yesterday.